The bookkeeping and advisory services are provided in line with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, business accounting standards, governmental resolutions, and other legislation of Lithuania and the European Union.

Our bookkeeping and accounting services cover every aspect of handling and regulating the finances of your company, as well as the management, preparation, and presentation of your accounts.


Contracting our services will help you save time and money, because only a professional accountant will be able to handle the flows at your company and to put your bookkeeping and accounting documents in order promptly and with a high degree of reliability.

Trust us with handling your company’s accounts as you look for new opportunities to expand your business and go about implementing your current business decisions.

We will consider your needs and will tailor our services to accommodate them best.


Working with us will help you save money for your company, because you do not have to hire a full-time accountant – entrusting the handling of your bookkeeping and accounting to our professionals is always the better solution.

Whatever your line of business is, the financial statements will be prepared when due, and financial advice in the area of bookkeeping and accounting will be delivered to you on time.

Flexibility, innovation, and a great deal of confidence allow us to achieve ultimate results and to provide to you optimal bookkeeping and accounting services of high quality, regardless of your location in Lithuania.