Pre-trial recovery of debt is a challenging process that requires specific knowledge and skills. Success in this field rests heavily on knowledge of the principles and methods of this type of work. If you entrust pre-trial recovery of debt to qualified specialists, you will both save a lot of precious time and effort, and protect yourself from further losses.

We will help you recover your money on time and in a professional way. The practice of credit management shows that as much as 85 per cent of debt can be recovered out of court. With the majority of arrears, we try to achieve a compromise, resolving the matters of credit repayment through effective negotiation. Our professionalism and experience allow us attain ultimate results.

By entrusting your problems with arrears to be solved by a third party, you will maintain an excellent relationship with your clients and will have more time for your immediate business. We guarantee proper representation of your company, as well as preservation of your relationship with your clients throughout the period of cooperation.